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If you are visiting Cuyo region, you need to know that the province is much more than Mendoza city, its 5 Stars Hotels and the malestrom typical of a urban center. As a matter of fact, you can discover beautiful valleys, woods and rivers just a couple of miles away from the civic center. One of them is Tunuyán, an exquisite combination of nature and gastronomic alternatives.

The town of Tunuyán can be reached along the National Route 40 to the south. Located on the heart of the Valle de Uco (Uco Valley), this village is also the capital of the department. Tunuyán is regarded as the Capital of the Apple, due to the main production of the region, where numerous refrigerators, packing and cider production facilities have been built up.

Restaurants, bars, hotels and most shops in the city are settled on the San Martin Avenue, providing lots of gastronomic and shopping options.

Driving along the Uruguay Street to the Paseo Costanero (Coastal Walk) you can get to the amphitheater, where the Fiesta Nacional de la Tonada (Tune National Festival) is held every year. This festivity, performed during the month of February, is the biggest folk festival in the province. More than 200,000 attendants over four nights make this festival part of the cultural patrimony of the region.

The Coastal Walk is a park of 1.5 km length, created to integrate the city with the Tunuyán River. This path has been beautifully forested and has an excellent infrastructure for camping and outdoor life devotees.

In the farms, ranches and houses spread in the area we can find many alternatives for rural tourism. During that kind of visits, the guests are served by the owners, and they have the chance to taste regional meals and fine wines produced in Cuyo region. In their stay, the guests try many different activities, such as wildlife watching, photo safaris, horseback riding, mountaineering, trekking, climbing and fishing. This type of tourism can be done during the four seasons.

Tunuyán is an outstanding alternative for those who stay at the Mendoza´s 5 Stars Hotel and want to know the towns and villages in the neighboring areas of the capital city. Also, this small town has everything to offer to their visitors. From first class restaurants to challenging excursions to the Andean Mountain Range, there is nothing impossible in Tunuyán.

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Make Some Time to Visit Tunuyán

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This article was published on 2010/11/11