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The Spanish region, Galicia, comprises of 4 provinces; namely, A Corua, Ourense, Lugo and Pontevedra. This region is known as the land of one thousand rivers. These rivers flow through the whole region starting at its majestic mountains out to its coast, forming the characteristic Rias of contrast smooth beaches and dangerous cliffs, termed as coast of death.

Galicia experiences temperate weather of 5 degrees Celsius in the winter with rain, and a max of 20 degrees Celsius during summer. Galicia offers magnificent beaches, splendid towns with relaxing fishing villages. It is worth visiting Ras Baixas to see the natural preservations of lush landscapes and romantic quaint villages.


The Celtics were the first to influence on Galicia, while the Romans left behind several legacies such as Lugo walls, Ourense Bridge and the famous Tower of Hercules. The Middle Age discovery of Saint James tomb, made an important impact on thousands of pilgrims who visited the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela, which is currently the capital of this region.

The renowned path, now known as Way of Santiago, has plenty of churches, chapels and monasteries along the way.

Galicia's origins are clearly Celtic and Gaelic, from its folklore with the bagpipe (Gaita), as the most distinguished musical instrument. The regions gastronomy delights are its fish dish, Empanada Gallega, sweets from traditional times, which are often prepared in monasteries with guarded recipes, and Ribeiro wine.

Major attractions of Galicia

Santiago de Compostela, or simply Santiago, is the last destination of the renowned pilgrimage path. It is also called Town of the Apostle and is declared as a World Heritage site by UNESCO, attracting many to view its majestic monuments. This town was named in honor of the Apostle Saint James, after his burial here. However, it is also famous for its universities and the large student population who study between these historical walls, adding gaiety and youthfulness to the atmosphere. There are many cultural offerings to discover at Santiago.

A Corua city is situated at the peninsula holding on great economic influence. Its main sights include Romaneque synagogues, churches and old quarters, which contrast fragile and massive structures.

Vigo is Galicia's city with the biggest population. It functions as a significant port, with a well preserved and charming historical quarter.

Lugo is circumvented with perfectly preserved Roman walls, with an impressive Romanesque cathedral.

Ourense is situated in the inland of this region, with an amazing cathedral from Roman times and architecture.

Pontevedra serves this province with magnificent landscapes, which give it the fame that it enjoys today.
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Places Of Interest In Spain -appreciating Galicia

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